my fanfiction

As their lips parted he smiled. Garrett ran a hand through Kayley’s thick, auburn waves. Her arms were around his neck, their bodies close together. They were sitting on their bed.

            “Garrett.” Kayley’s voice was hesitant.


            “Have you wanted- Well, have you considered-” She was, for once, at a loss for words. He was surprised, but if she was referring to what had been on his mind constantly for the last few days he knew.

            “I have.” He felt his cheeks heat. “Quite often.”

            “Really?” She sounded surprised. “So have I. But I didn’t know how to…well to go about…well, you know… And I didn’t know if you were interested and I suppose-”

            She chattered on, but he stopped her with a kiss. She smiled into the kiss. He ran his hands down her back, his thumbs stroking her sides. He felt her body shiver with pleasure. She bit his lip, almost timidly. He kissed her harder, more passionately. Kayley responded enthusiastically. His hands were resting on her small waist. He hesitated a moment before feeling for the clasps on her tunic. He began to undo them.

            “If you want to stop just-”

            “No. No don’t. Don’t stop.” She said breathily before recapturing his lips, her fingers tangled in his hair.

            He reached down to find her belt and undid that as well. She lifted her tunic off over her head and quickly pulled off the other two shirts. Garrett placed his hands on the soft, warm skin of her stomach. She giggled nervously at the feel of his hands. He suddenly felt shy himself, but he moved his hands slowly up her torso. He heard her breath catch as he gently cupped her breasts. He stroked her tenderly, she was the softest thing he’d ever felt. Kayley moaned softly and he smiled. He carefully found her neck with his mouth and kissed her, working his way down to her chest. He captured her breast in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around her nipple. With his hand he took her other breast and massaged it. After a few moments he switched sides. She arched her back, giggling and gasping and pulling him closer. Once they parted she ran her fingers lightly down his chest, stopping when she reached his belt. She pulled it loose and slipped it off. She pushed her hands up under his tunic, up his toned chest. He pulled off his tunic and his undershirt. Garrett grinned as Kayley’s fingers danced across his chest. He found her face and tilted her chin toward him. He kissed her fervently. Her lips parted and allowed his tongue access to her mouth. She moved closer, her soft flesh pressed against his bare chest. It was like a dream, everything seemed so surreal. He could feel the rise and fall of Kayley’s chest. Her hair smelled sweet, like honeysuckle. He ran his hands down her chest, enjoying feeling her shudder. He shifted, pushing her onto her back gently, her petite body under his lean one. His heart pounded in his chest as he tugged at the top of Kayley’s tights. She moved to help get them off. Garrett then felt Kayley’s hands at his navel; she was reaching to remove his pants. Once they were off Kayley was suddenly shy and hesitant.

            Garrett worried, not wanting to push her. “Do you want to stop?”

            “No! Of course not!” Her voice was confident.

            He smiled, “Alright.”

            She kissed him hard, pulling him against her once more. He hands slid down stomach, past her navel, to her thighs. His hands moved leisurely over her body, so he could ‘see’ her. Slowly he moved his hand between her legs. She tensed and let out a small noise of surprise. With his other hand he reached up and found her face and kissed her gently.

            “Don’t be nervous.”

            She smiled as she kissed him again, “I trust you.”

            Her body remained tensed. He gently massaged her thighs, in a circular motion. She relaxed after a bit, her body going limp, and he felt his heart speed up. He entered her carefully. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she let out a soft whimper.

            “Did I hurt you?” He asked with concern.

            “Only a bit.” She admitted.

            He kissed her sweetly and stroked her hair.

            “I love you.” She whispered, her voice was full of emotion.

            “I love you too Kayley.”

            He kissed her again. She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. And after a few moments she bucked her hips against him. He moaned and began thrusting slowly. The two tried to match one another’s rhythm. The sound of her moans were intoxicating, passion clouded his thoughts. He thrust harder and faster. Kayley wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer. She nibbled his ear. He couldn’t help but grin, his wife was feisty.

            “Oh G-Garrett!” She cried out.

            He lowered his head, finding her neck. He kissed it, his tongue trailing down to the base. She sighed shakily. Their bodies moved fluidly together. Her back arched, pressing herself closer to him. Not for the first time since he’d met Kayley he lamented the loss of his sight. He wished he could see her, especially her eyes. He tugged at her hips, trying to bring their bodies even closer. Each thrust lifted her body off the bed. She dragged her nails against his back, the mixture of pleasure and pain was dizzying. Kayley giggled softly as before she kissed his shoulder. Her soft, full lips moved gently along his shoulder. Her lips formed into a smile before she trailed her teeth against his shoulder. She nipped at his flesh. He shivered and grinned.

            “Kayley my love, you’re really something else.” He said, panting slightly.

            She laughed, “Is that a good thing?” Her breath caught and she kissed him, moaning into his mouth.

            “It’s perfect. Y-you’re perfect.”

            Her body tensed beneath him once more, in anticipation this time. She was close to climaxing. She pulled him closer, her hips rocking against him faster.  He shared her need, her desire to be closer, to feel each other. He sped up the pace, moving faster and deeper inside her. She clutched at him as her body trembled from the orgasm. Her moans pushed him over the edge and he came. They lay together, bodies intertwined, breathing heavily. Kayley’s slender fingers caressed his face. He smiled at her.

            “Garrett, that was incredible.” She said softly.

            He kissed her forehead. “It was amazing.”

            She giggled and kissed him. “Beyond amazing!”

            He grinned at her enthusiasm and pulled her closer. Her head rested against his chest. They lay in silence, listening to one another breathe. Garrett heard Kayley’s breathing become slow and even. He knew she’d fallen asleep. He held her in his arms, thinking about how lucky he was that she came tumbling into his life. He soon drifted off to sleep, his wife still laying in his arms.